10 Best Sales Funnel Builders Review (2020 Guide)

If you are hunting for the best Sales Funnel Builders options, then here you can check out the reviews about them.

No doubt, sales funnels are an important and significant part of your marketing, advertising as well as sales strategies.

You might be wondering how can you make the best use of these Sales Funnel Builders?

Simply have a look at these top ten recommendations and decide on your own.

To increase your audience reach and to boost your sales, the usage of this component is critical and highly essential for you.

Furthermore, the use of sales funnels gives you paying customers constantly and quickly.

Hence, it is high time to streamline and synchronize your online business process and you can do that by using any of these sales funnels.

Share with us your feedback if you like and prefer to use any of them:

What is A Sales Funnel Software?

Sales Funnel Software

These sales funnel software versions are used for the sake of increasing your online conversions.

These Sales Funnel Builders are immensely valuable for the online business marketing world.

These tools help you in keeping and maintaining your online business processes and operations all in one place.

They effectively monitor your implemented online business strategies.

Through the help of this software, you can try out their tools like landing page builder and also email marketing builder.

Effective and high-quality sales funnel builder software manages to automate and synchronize your leads and sales funnel processes.

These valuable tools give your customers a holistic and complete view before they carry out and finalize their purchasing decision.

What to Look for in a Sales Funnel Builder?

Below you can see which are those important elements that should be present before buying Sales Funnel Builders!

Check out the details now:

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Easy to Use:

Your chosen option has to be easy to use. If it manages to accommodate any of the business types, then that is great.

Furthermore, look for the sales funnel software that is user-friendly and also intuitive.

Ease of Integration:

Moreover, you can prefer buying that sales funnel builder software that offers ease of integration.

If that software allows you to integrate and fuse any of the processes and your favorite tools, then that is super amazing.

Customizable and Impressive Templates:

It is recommended to go on buying those Sales Funnel Builders that offer and give the option of using customizable templates.

In other words, look for the sales funnel software that is occupied with pre-built page templates and they should be easy to customize as well.


What Are The Best Sales Funnel Software And Builders?

Now, we have this review section for you!

These recommendations and their in-detail review are going to tell you which sales funnel software option are suitable for you:

1- ClickFunnels:


The most popular of all Sales Funnel Builders versions, it is this ClickFunnels.

For the information, this respective platform was founded in the time of 2014 and the man behind this creation is Russell Brunson and also Todd Dickerson.

This company has to turn out to be the fastest-growing and highly lucrative platform.

With the use of ClickFunnels, you can sell and upsell any of your products and services.

It is marked as a kind of platform that can make your sales process lot easier, hassle-free, and also trouble-free.

You must not miss out using its drag and drop editor feature. This feature is extremely suitable and appropriate for customizing templates.

If you have just started with your online business and you want to do great in your respective industry, then use ClickFunnels

Hence, it is one of the helpful and reliable Sales Funnel Builders.

[button href=”https://www.sarkis-webdesign.com/cf/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#ff8a4c” textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with ClickFunnels Today![/button]

2- Kartra:


Then we have Kartra for you! This platform is identified as a popular and easy to use marketing and sales funnel automation ecosystem.

To boost your customer base in an online world, you are free to use Kartra.

It is one of the user-friendly Sales Funnel Builders tools that we have recommended to you.

It allows you to attract a large number of customers right there on your landing pages.

Most noteworthy, this tool permits you to gather and collect any kind of customer information with the help of its created opt-in forms.

You can even set up and organize email marketing campaigns on automated notes.

You can have this piece of information that this one of the popular Sales Funnel Builders was launched and founded in the year of 2017.

The mastermind behind this platform of Andy Jenkins and also Mile Filsaime!

These masterminds and their launched platform have taught the users how to drive maximum traffic to a website.

If you feel like using this software, then remember that it offers you with four different and affordable sales funnel packages.

You can either go with the Starter plan or Silver plan or you can even opt and go for the Gold plan or Platinum plan.

We can give you a little information that starter plan cost you 99 dollars per month and on this page, you will get 2500 leads and also one custom domain.

[button href=”https://www.sarkis-webdesign.com/kartra/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#ff8a4c” textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with Kartra Today![/button]

3- Thrive Architect (by Thrive Themes):

Thrive Architect

This sales funnel builder is made and launched by Thrive Themes and that is all popularly known with the name of Thrive Architect.

In essence, this one of the trustworthy Sales Funnel Builders is known to be a WordPress plugin.

With the help of it, you can easily and quickly make web pages.

It allows you to make as many changes in your designed and created web pages in any manner you want to!

These changes and revisions are happened in real-time and that is the best thing about this builder.

As soon as you will start linking and connecting these web pages, then you are going to see a professional-looking sales funnel in front of you.

In the category of page editors, this is one of the premium Sales Funnel Builders recommendations we have for you.

Its pricing structure is immensely low and you can easily afford all of its packages.

Furthermore, this tool had got a whole suite and a bunch of plugins in it.

It is at the super-low and affordable price range that you can try out this tool now.

If you are a not to tech-savvy person, then this is a suggested option for you.

[button href=”https://www.nicktsai.com/thrivethemes/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#ff8a4c” textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with Thrive Architect Today![/button]

4- GrooveFunnels:


How about using these GrooveFunnels?

When it comes to the great and suitable Sales Funnel Builders options, then we always include this option on our list.

This platform is easy to use and offers incredible results. It has many features and lots of built-in apps present in it.

No doubt, this tool has come out as a serious competitor likewise we have Kartra and also ClickFunnels.

This reviewed tool is currently at its developing stage and we are expected to see a lot more advancements in it.

It does not act in the form of a simple-looking sales funnel builder, instead, it works magically.

You can use its drag and drop page editor feature and pop-ups. Or you can freely use its extensive range of add-on product features.

The unique selling point of this Sales Funnel Builders version is that it has expertly designed and crafted templates.

Even more, it offers free bandwidth and free hosting services to the user.

To make landing pages and conversion funnels, this is a suitable option for you.

Besides, you can utilize it for making webinar funnels and shopping carts.

For its users, it has unlimited funnels and lots of custom domains at its end. So, feel free to use it.

[button href=”https://nicktsai.com/groovefunnels/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#ff8a4c” textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with GrooveFunnels Today![/button]

5- LeadPages:


Moving to more of the reliable choices and options of Sales Funnel Builders, here we have LeadPages for you!

Investing in this platform is great and always useful for you. If you want to attract a larger audience for your small start-up, then go on using this too.

It helps you in building websites and also alert bars. Moreover, you can exclusively make high-converting landing pages that are immensely functional as well.

It is their feature that makes it one of the lucrative online business platforms available in the form of recommended Sales Funnel Builders.

This reviewed funnel software is packed with lots of beautiful and professional customizable templates.

Besides, you can make perfect looking sales pages with the help of it.

It is high time to collect maximum and unlimited leads for your business. That you can do by using LeadPages.

[button href=”https://www.sarkis-webdesign.com/leadpages/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#ff8a4c” textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with LeadPages Today![/button]

6- ThriveCart:


Moving to the next recommendation, we have ThriveCart that is reviewed as one of the top-most Sales Funnel Builders.

This tool comes in the form of a sales cart solution. By using it, you can make highly professional checkout web pages.

In other words, you can make such checkout pages that help you in collecting needed customer information as well.

If you offer different and varied payment methods, then there is a handy solution for you.

You can try this tool and thus makes this payment checkout job easy for your customers.

Once you make a checkout page with the help of ThriveCart, then you can test it too by utilizing its feature of split testing.

Lastly, this one of the budget-friendly Sales Funnel Builders offers you a lifetime pricing option.

No monthly payments are accompanied by it and you only have to pay for once.

So, to see an excellent amount of intelligent business projections and to experience customer domain functionality, you can try this software.

We again tell you that this tool offers you with live traffic and lots of conversion rate tracking.

Besides, it is continuously upgraded and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee option.

It allows you to do built-in sales tax calculations and be packed with an advanced affiliate center.

7- SamCart:


If you are looking for some high-end and web-based kind of Sales Funnel Builders, then feel free to try out SamCart.

Brian Moran is the mastermind of this product and this tool claims to give you successful outcomes and results.

Brian is a successful and renowned digital marketer and launching this product is its next-best milestone that he has achieved.

Most probably, you may find and count SamCart as one of the well-performing and highly performing checkout carts.

It gives high conversion rates as well.

This recommendation helps you in making landing pages and ideal for all kinds of digital marketing professionals.

No matter you are a non-tech savvy person, you can easily use SamCart.

It is one of those Sales Funnel Builders that gives long-term affordability and that is the best thing about it.

You will get a trial period in the first 14 days and that is going to be free of cost.

[button href=”https://www.sarkis-webdesign.com/samcart/” style=”flat” size=”large” color=”#f16210″ hovercolor=”#ff8a4c” textcolor=”#ffffff” texthovercolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Get Started with SamCart Today![/button]

8- PayKickstart:


For conveniently selling your products or services online, it is highly advised to go on using this PayKickstart platform.

This tool greatly helps you in managing and handling all stages of your sales processes.

Moreover, this is a shopping cart tool that gives you the full control on its checkout pages as well.

So, what are you planning?

Do you want to try this one of the recommended Sales Funnel Builders?

To see the potential of this tool, you can have this free-trial first of all. This way, you can easily explore this platform.

Moreover, it is compatible and allows you to integrate any of your payment methods. Like you can use and integrate Stripe and PayPal!

You can go on making payment plans and all kinds of subscription plans by using this one of the reliable Sales Funnel Builders.

Lastly, its pricing structure is budget-friendly and cost-friendly.

Its basic plan costs you around 29 dollars monthly and the professional plan costs approximately 99 dollars monthly.

9- Instapage:


We have this Instapage sales funnel builder option!

This comes in the form of landing page builder and promises to serve as one of the reliable Sales Funnel Builders.

It shows a strong and dedicated focus on the aspect of conversions. You will be amazed by using its page templates.

Beyond, this tool is packed with optimized templates. Or you can say that these templates are present right there on the real use-case web pages.

Individuals prefer using this Sales Funnel Builders version as it shows decent A/B testing functionality and capability.

Customers love having post-click experiences and this is what this reviewed tool offers!

It’s the plus point is that it has got this AdMap feature with the help of it you can drastically and generally improve your sales funnel caliber.

So, do you feel like using this sale funnel software tool? If you plan to use, then convey and share with us your experience too.

More details on other top recommendations and their reviews are given below for your help and convenience.

10- Builderall:


The last suggestion marks and calls itself as one of the highly useful Sales Funnel Builders versions.

Yes, we are talking about Builderall! It has the potential to fully expand your online business.

In addition, this tool alleviates and removes the needs of using any kind of external software.

This reviewed tool shows great compatibility with mobile phones as well. Its regular usage promises to improve your online business performance.

It instantly and correctly identifies all of the loopholes and discrepancies present in your online business website.

If you feel like trying out Builderall, then note that its starter plan starts from 19.90 dollars monthly and the marketer plan can cost you around 29.90 dollars per month.

To try its premium plan, it charges 69.9 dollars per month and this package is included with Facebook live streaming and YouTube live streaming tools.

You will also get virtual assistant access along with this package.

So, if you try out these experts recommended Sales Funnel Builders, then pen down to us your views.

Benefits Of Sales Funnel Software Programs:

Benefits Of Sales Funnel Software Programs

Talking about the benefits of using these sales funnel software programs, they are immense in numbers.

Below you can see and read out the details and get to know how these Sales Funnel Builders are valuable for you:

Firstly, these tools help you in streamlining your sales process. To synchronize your marketing processes, it is advised to use these tools.

Furthermore, these tools help you in building web pages professionally.

With the help of them, you can easily and conveniently collect information from your prospects and clients.

These tools help and aid you in making opt-in forms and carrying out A/B testing.

To process the tasks of email marketing automation and tracking your leads, using this software is recommended to you!

Even more, you can make beautiful landing pages for your website.

Hence, for the sake of increasing and boosting your online business efficiency, using these sales funnel tools is a must for you.

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How To Choose The Best Sales Funnel Software Tool For Your Business?

Here you can check out the guide that can make this job easy for you while selecting the best sales full software tool for your business.

Below are the important and essential highlighted factors that can ease your job, so without wasting any time, let us have a look at the details:

Presence of Automation Tools:

You need to use and try out those Sales Funnel Builders that are induced with automation tools.

This way, your overall operations of sales and marketing will become easy.

In addition, these automation tools help you in creating email chains and tagging systems in less time.

Induction of Affiliation Program Capability:

Most importantly, have that sales funnel builder option that is induced with affiliate program functionality and capability.

With the help of this feature, you can create and be able to design your affiliate programs and thus instantly generate leads.

Reliable and Satisfactory Customer Support:

Only use that sales funnel software that can constantly give you reliable and satisfactory customer support.

It needs to give you access to available short online courses and also video tutorials.

Shopping Cart Feature:

Lastly, have those Sales Funnel Builders options that have a built-in shopping cart feature.

This way, you can seamlessly and trouble-free sell large numbers and multiple ranges of products.


Sales Funnel Software FAQs:

Sales Funnel Software FAQs

1- How Sales Funnel Builders perform?

All types and kinds of Sales Funnel Builders operate in their specific ways.

Like, they aid you in making landing pages and provide you with landing page templates.

Most importantly, these sales funnel software helps you in doing A/B testing, making opt-in forms, and customized email marketing campaigns.

Moreover, with their usage, you can see massive leads available in the form of upselling customers.

You are allowed to tag your leads and be able to divide your target audience segments based on their demographics.

Lastly, these tools make affiliate programs and set up all sorts of payment gateways.

2- What are the cost-friendly sales funnel software?

There are large numbers of Sales Funnel Builders available in the market that offer cost-friendly pricing plans.

Some of them even offer and deliver free trials for at least 14 days.

For the sake of upgrading and also expanding your business scale, you should only use reliable sales funnel software.

The cheapest of all options is this GetResponse that can cost you around 15 dollars monthly.

Or you can try out using Sam Cart that costs and charges you around 19 dollars per month.

On the other hand, PayKickstart and Builderall options also fall in the budget-friendly category.

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Conclusion: What’s The Best Sales Funnel Builder To Use In 2020?

So, what’s the bottom line? We hope that now you can decide which one is the best and reliable to use Sales Funnel Builders.

Moreover, keep in mind your business type and then choose the sales to funnel accordingly.

Moreover, choosing the right Sales Funnel Builders tends to maximize and increase your sales conversions.

If any of these recommendations offer a free trial, then do try out that as well.

Hence, always look for a high-converting sales funnel that has the potential to turn and shift your prospects all into returning and permanent customers.

You are free to try out the above-written recommendations and share with us your views about them

Keep in touch with us.

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