5 Day Lead Challenge by Russell Brunson: A Complete Review

Are you tired of getting lesser leads and are looking to create more leads?

Then jump on this 5 Day Lead Challenge by Russel Brunson

The Day Lead Challenge:

Day#1- Unlimited Leads

Unlimited Leads

To start The 5 Day Lead Challenge, we are going to show you an amazing strategy that you should implement on Day One.

This strategy was used by none other than Russell Brunson in order to engender more leads on demand from the internet. 

You are going to be blown away when you realize that this method will fit right into your type of business!

Russell Brunson Only Refers to this Day as the “Lecture Day”.

Every other activity in this challenge is going to help you generate hefty leads! 


Day#2- Making your “One-Pager”

Creating YOur ”OnePager”

After being done with the first day of The 5 Day Lead Challenge, you must be accustomed by now to who your targeted customers are, and what is the method to finding them.

Now, what comes next is how to build your first “Sales Magnet”. Russell Brunson shows a simple framework using which you will be able to significantly create a “One-pager”. 

This one-pager will be designed and made in such a way that will serve as a magnet to the people and you will start gaining leads actively. 


Day#3- Your Lead Funnel

Your Lead Funnel

Going further down the line, The next step in The 5 Day Lead Challenge will be building your lead funnel.

This process is to be done right after the process of Day 2, in which we created a one-pager to attract more people towards your funnel. 

The previously done step and this step are interlinked with each other as in this step, all you are going to be doing is putting your One-pager in a lead funnel.

The aim of this step is to create your imagined customers into your actual customers! 


Day#4- Follow-Up Funnels (Emails)

Follow-Up Funnels (Emails)

Further down the lane of The 5 Day Lead Challenge, comes the next step which is labeled as follow-up funnels.

After you are through with the steps you were supposed to do on day 3, You will start gaining leads. Now, it is vital for you to keep up with those leads.

The Special Guest, Yara Golden is going to step in and familiarize you with her simple 6-mail follow-up funnel.


Day#5- Launching the Funnel

Launch Your Funnel

After you are done with everything till day 4, The only thing that you are supposed to do on the final day of your 5 Day Lead Challenge.

On this final step, the Special Guest Trainer Rachel Miller is going to familiarize you with a way to successfully launching your funnel without the paid ads! 

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When it comes to generating leads, everyone is looking for ways to be a step ahead of the game.

Russell Brunson is one of the people that understand the need to have amazing leads and hence has started this productive way of taking you up with him! 

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