10X Secrets Masterclass Review: By Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson Launched his program known as “10X Secrets Masterclass” on February 23rd, 2018. 

Russell Brunson has marketed clickfunnels® to a historic $3 million at the 10x Growth Conference at Grant Cardone on stage.

Russell spoke to around 9000 people and succeeded in closing 1 in 9 in the building!

Which smashed all records and showed once again how amazing Russell is at the end of the live stage.

Thus, I have decided to write a comprehensive review of “ 10X Secrets Masterclass”. In this review, I will be discussing in detail about this program and will give you all the important details about it.

I hope that it will be useful for you and help you in making your purchase selection. 

Let’s Start….

Russell has thousands of customers asking, if you might guess, to hear how he produced a 90-minute talk to raise $3 million in revenue.

But Russell deconstructed much of his analysis in a whole new streaming video sequence entitled 10x Secrets because he was also eager to support entrepreneurs rise higher.

Have you not heard of Russell? He is Clickfunnels’ co-founder, a prolific investor, who is fascinated, in his words, about seeing people excel. Russell is also one of the most amazing presenters I ever saw.

Russell Brunson’s someone I really admire. He is one of the best entrepreneurs, and his advice rendered a huge difference to my growth in addition to becoming an outstanding entrepreneur. To you, too, I hope this will create a difference.

What is the 10x Secrets Masterclass?10x Secrets Masterclass

Russell and his team have put together a program which shows exactly how he presented the entire pitch and choreographed it. And how you can utilize this in your own business.

As I have mentioned a few things about “10X Secrets Masterclass”, now let’s discuss this in detail. 23rd February 2018, the day on which Russel talked to about 9000 people for just 90 minutes Grant Cardone’s event called the 10x Growth Conference.

This 90 minutes presentation resulted in him raising $3 Million. He succeeded in closing 1 in 9 men.

Such as a 10x programmer will benefit those young entrepreneurs who expect to generate huge profits on sales and promotions. Or better yet, we can have a masterclass to provide us with insight into what we should do and show us a potential roadmap for achieving the same outcome.

This program would reveal the secrets of their specific business processes by allowing company owners to quickly “copy and deploy.” This indicates, whether you market to an audience of 9,000 or for only one customer, it does not matter.

Then you can potentially generate huge revenue and profits. And you can guarantee that success is accomplished. 

10X Secrets MasterClass Course Overview

10X Secrets MasterClass Course Overview

Since I am reviewing his program, one thing I can guarantee you is that it is teeming with value. 

Russell Brunson invited a group of people to take part in a 6-hour session. In this session, he explained it to perfection and shared his knowledge of how he planned to generate millions of orders with his presentation.

It has encouraged many online entrepreneurs and company owners to utilize the same tactics and techniques to produce life-changing outcomes.

The highlighting point of this program which I also liked is that it not only targets the people who want to sell on stage. The learning within can be used very practically on any company or any selling process, not just on stage approaches.

Knowing buyer psychology will also help you transform your business.


You will be facilitated with a 6-hour session in which you will be told about the exact step-by-step process that helped Russel make $3 million in just 90 minutes. 

You will have breakdown of how he pull it off:

Sales Psychology

Sales Psychology

Brunson teaches you how to break into the mind of your clients in the 10X Secret Masterclass. You will be told how to construct your campaign? 

How you attract your clients and persuade them that what they need is what you offer and how they should consider your service.

Precise Sequence and Scripting

It can be said to help create your climax and increase your future customers’ value in order for you to gain persuasion, you need to learn how to structure what you need to convey.

It is always important to have the correct script as it ensures that you get to learn the audience and the best way to say at the right time. Brunson and his team will motivate you with 10x Secrets Masterclass as they did.

The Micro-Commitments, Pacing, and Offer Structure

You must know how to balance the buyer’s attention correctly via this method. You will be instructed to listen to all the sentences you utter without dragging them and disturbing them.

You want them to take note of what you’re offering, particularly. Learning how to arrange deals would do it for you and you would guarantee a return if you learned how to do it.

“How he earned $3 million in just 90 minutes” The same training, mentioned before by Russell. Where he goes throughout his complete 90-minute presentation, slide by slide.

You will learn the secret strategies for sale, and he will discuss what and why he was doing so in important sections of this lecture!

Who Need To Join the 10x Secrets Masterclass?10x Secrets Masterclass

This is not only about those who do live shows but also for those who would like to offer something. Russell understands it’s not only what you say but how you say and show it to consumers to purchase your goods.

If you are still wondering “ Who is this program for?”

The answer is for Everyone and Anything!!

  • A businessman who is intended to introduce his/her product to a large audience and gain massive profit 
  • For a Podcaster
  • For the people in E-commerce
  • For people who are interested in online marketing 
  • For the Stage Presenters 
  • For People who do door to door sales
  • For Facebook live or other live streaming 
  • For a Blogger who wants to generate leads
  • And many more…… 

ClickFunnels includes people of every niche and business who are using the same techniques and strategies in their businesses. 

  • Weight Loss
  • Copywriting
  • Investing & Wealth management
  • Skincare
  • Pet Supplies
  • Gym membership
  • Chiropractic
  • Supplements
  • Real estate
  • Software
  • Coaching/Consulting…
  •  Dental…
  •  Sports/fitness training…
  •  Interior Decorating…

This program is perfect for you if you choose to attract traffic, transform and sell online. Russell Brunson shows you how to build and communicate your content with your audience.

10x Secrets Masterclass Price!!

So how much does 10x Secrets Masterclass cost?

If you ask me, I expected it to cost around $999, but when Russell Brunson announced its price, I could stop myself to purchase it right away. This will cost you only $297.

This price is nothing if you look at the value ClickFunnels provide.

IS 10X Secrets Worth It?

10x Secrets Masterclass Price

Well, I know at this point you must be thinking “If 10X Secrets Masterclass is worth it ?”. If I explain to you from my experience, I was a little hesitant as I was not going upstage to sell live.

But now, I advise people to think again if you never planned to go upstage. In this era of technology, you have so many platforms to go live; Facebook, Instagram or Youtube. You can do podcasts or appear in webinars.

You need to speak and sell to the audience, no matter if the number is 1 or 1000. 

Know that you can make money by communicating in two ways. You should either intend to become really popular and demand $100K-$250 K for speaking fees. OR you can earn Eveevenre money than most of the highest paying speakers right now.

At the end of your speech, you get charged to market your goods or services. As a stage speaker, you can invest a decent amount of money just by having one presentation of the sixty-nine minutes and 10X Secret Masterclass give you Everything to have a Master’s degree in sales.

Like you would possibly imagine earlier, it is like Russell Brunson sat next to you making his next million-dollar pitch to view the entire company 10X secrets.

10X Secrets will allow you to create, compose and launch your presentation into the world, your enticing bid! Yeah, you’re really curious about 10X Secrets? If so, then it’s NOW time to act and begin!

You all should better sign up for the Russel Brunson program to keep yourself updated. Having said that, that’s all I have for you regarding Russel Brunson’s 10x Secrets Masterclass program.

I hope that this has helped you greatly in knowing about this program. And since you have read everything, I hope that you have made up your mind to go for this amazing program and transcend your business revenue.

You can leave your suggestions and queries, we would be obliged to help you out and hear from you about this