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Depression My Arse

Depression My ArseDepression My Arse
Revealed Depression Sufferer of over 25 years, lays out an holistic therapeutic system for keeping depression at bay Via my approach, depression can be virtually eliminated and we can begin to enjoy a much improved lifestyle
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Thy Name Is Love by Diana Rubino, Book 2 of The Yorkist Saga

Thy Name Is Love by Diana Rubino, Book 2 of The Yorkist SagaThy Name Is Love by Diana Rubino, Book 2 of The Yorkist Saga
The story first begun in Destiny Lies Waiting continues as Denys Starbury and her beloved Valentine are thrust into the world of medieval English power politics at the Plantagenet court One by one the royal family is eliminated, until Denys and Valentine find themselves allied with the only man left standing who can contend for the throne Richard, Duke of Gloucester Denys faces even more peril in her personal life, for as she continues to search for her lost family, she finds only a trail of murder, mayhem and destruction Denys also seeks the love of Valentine, bound to her by political expediency, but whom she aches for passionately Yet in a world dominated by the hunger for power, not love, the only certainty is shifting allegiances and even betrayal Despite the love and desire they seem to share, how can she ever bring herself to trust the man to whom a capricious quirk of Fate has bound her For the path Denys has stepped onto is fraught with pitfalls One false step could mean certain death Is the truth about her parentage really worth sacrificing everything for, friendship, love, even her own marriage Valentine`s love, loyalty, and very life hang in the balance as Yorkist and Lancastrian battle for the throne at a little place in the north called Bosworth Field Can he remain faithful to King, country, and wife when he discovers the real identity of the woman he has wedded Thy Name is Love by Diana Rubino Thy Name Is Love is the second book in The Yorkist Saga by Diana Rubino
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